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Dear Parents and Friends,

As families of Ambassador Academy leaders, we are asking for your support! Many of you are already aware of Arizona's tax credit for public schools. For those of you who aren't familiar, we hope this letter will encourage you to donate. For those of you who know about the tax credit, we hope this letter will remind you to donate before the end of December. Ambassador Academy uses these funds in ways which directly impact our children.

Arizona tax code allows all Arizona state taxpayers to take a tax credit—a dollar-for-dollar reduction of their state taxes—if they donate to the school’s leadership/character programs or fee-based, extracurricular programs. Even if a taxpayer does not have school-aged children, he/she can make a donation to benefit Ambassador’s programs.  

 Making a donation is easy – complete the form below, write a check (payable to Ambassador Academy) and return the form and donation to the school office. Donations to be used as tax credits must be dated no later than December 31.

What are we asking from each of you? Please use the state tax credit and donate to our school! Other families and friends who are taxpayers in the state of Arizona can donate as well – please encourage them to also make a donation! We would love to have 100% participation from our Ambassador Academy families.

If you have any further questions about this process, please speak to Dr. Reyes at 480-961-2214. Thanks in advance for your time and donations!


Your Ambassador Academy Parent Teacher Organization  

**********CONTRIBUTION FORM***********
YES! I would like to contribute to the Ambassador Academy Tax Credit Program to support character curricular and educational enhancement programs.
Enclosed is my contribution to the Ambassador Academy Tax Credit Program:
 $400 $150 Other $______
 $300 $100
 $200 $50

Name ______________________________________ Social Security # (for tax reporting)_________________
Address _____________________________ City ____________________ State__________Zip_______